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A   R E V O L U T I O N   I N   T R A N S P O R T   S Y S T E M S
F O R    A F R I C A    A N D    I T ’S    T R A D I N G    P A R T N E R S
A N D    T H E    W H O L E    W O R L D
Better transport services and trade logistics will,
with other trade facilitation policies, improve
economic competitiveness and integration with the
international marketplace. Emerging trading
blocks, hold promise for increasing trade but their
success will depend at least partly on the quality of
transport infrastructure, services and the impact on
the environment.

Reducing the cost of doing business
From a South African perspective “reducing the
cost of doing business in our country” ~ reducing
the logistics cost of freight transport to make South
Africa competitive in the global economy
  • Focus on freight transport & logistics for
    bulk & manufacturing sector
  • Improve efficiency & reliability of operations
  • Provide capacity through infrastructure
    development & maintenance programs

Economic growth and employment creation
Economic growth and employment creation are
top priorities for South Africa.  In support of this
priority, improving the efficiency of transport
services and trade logistics will serve as a catalyst
for economic competitiveness. In turn this
promotes economic activity, encourages
investment and generates opportunities for

Technical and business foundation
Over the past eight years, Ohio Airships has
produced a technical and business foundation to
prepare the company for Dynalifter® production
and sales. The technical foundation includes
patents, numerous design and feasibility studies,
and a manned prototype. The business foundation
includes bringing capital, customers, and qualified
subcontractors together with a common goal of
Dynalifter® production. By involving subcontractors
who are leaders in their industry, Ohio Airships
has been able to quickly acquire the specialised
skills necessary to refine the initial design, build
the prototype, and deliver feasible production
aircraft designs to begin the process of converting
prospects into serious, potential Dynalifter®

Experts Confirm Impact on 10 Industries
Over the past six years, prominent land, water, and
air transport industry experts have confirmed that
in its full realisation, the Dynalifter® hybrid aircraft
could potentially span over 10 existing industries
and create as many new ones. The Company's
Corporate Management Team believe the unique
features of the Dynalifter® will bring about a
paradigm shift in the transport industry, most
particularly where freight and mass people
transport is concerned.
Pivotal reasons
• The Dynalifter® will provide unprecedented
access to and from previously inaccessible areas
in a most cost-efficient manner It is a little known
fact that a $100K USD semi-truck is travelling on a
$1 Trillion USD highway network. Despite their
relatively high unit cost (compared with a semi-
truck), Dynalifter® require almost no ground
infrastructure (only short runways), as opposed to
traditional forms of transport by land, water, and air
where prohibitively expensive road, rail, canal
networks, seaports, and airports are required. The
aircraft have no need for ground mooring crews,
land on relatively short unprepared surfaces, and
can even land on water.
.... the Environment
• Everyone is acutely aware of today's ever
increasing concern with the greenhouse effect that
results from burning fossil fuels and contributes to
global warming. For transport of comparable
loads, varying from smaller to very large weights
and volumes, the Dynalifter® leaves an extremely
light environmental footprint as compared to other
traditional means of mass transport. Ohio Airships
have coined the name “Road less Transportation
system” for their transport revolution.

Most of the world (Africa, Asia, South America, and
Australia) has a desperate need for the market
features that a sophisticated trucking system
would offer. However, the largest cost in building
any trucking system is not in the “mode” (i.e. the
trucks or trains), but rather in the “road” (i.e. the
highways or rails).

Roadless Transport System
Conversely, a “Road less” system built entirely of
existing aircraft would be prohibitively expensive for
any nation (as is the case in the US).     Therefore,
a "Dynalifter® Road less Transportation System”
with transport costs comparable to trucking, but
without the need for building a sophisticated
highway network, could essentially be afforded by
every developing nation.

South African Landscape
South Africa has a very special landscape where
the country splits between mainly two land
elevations, sea level and 4000-5500 ft which
compound the problem of a detailed
encompassing transport system.

South African Ports are at the nucleus of maritime
routes for the emerging economies of the world:

Such a system could, almost overnight, improve
the nation’s standard of living and rate of growth...

Unique Opportunity
Only a few times in a generation does a
technology emerge that has the potential of
changing the world’s economy. For centuries, man
has sought to find more cost-effective ways of
transporting goods and people over vast distances.

Successful examples of this include the Roman
road network, the Panama & Suez canals, the
Trans-continental Railroad, and the US Freeway
Direct correlation
There is a direct correlation between a nation’s
transportation and communications infrastructure
and their standard of living. For example, where
developing nations once could not afford to ‘catch
up’ with First World nations’ complex
telecommunication systems, they are suddenly
able to leapfrog ‘land line’ technology with the
creation of wireless networks. Many people in
these countries who have never had telephones in
their home are currently conducting global
business with cell phones and via the Internet.

The Dynalifter® has generated great interest from
freight companies, developing nations, and the US
Military, and has had huge press coverage in
international newspapers, trade journals,
magazines, online directories, blogs, and online
forums for several years now. Several strategic
meetings have already taken place between the
Co-founders and the Pentagon about the potential
use and purchase of the Dynalifter®, and are

Similarly, the company is in talks with a number of
governments and major air, sea, and land
transport companies based in Africa, Asia and
Eastern Europe, for the application and future
purchase of all three variants of the Dynalifter®.

The Dynalifter® transporter is a hybrid aircraft, part
airship and part traditional aeroplane. It is heavier-
than-air, generating lift from a combination of
wings, canards, and non-flammable, helium gas.
With a large fraction of its weight carried by
aerodynamic lift on the wings and hull, it has a
substantial net download when sitting on the
ground allowing it to withstand a gusty side wind. It
lands like a normal aircraft, decelerating on a
relatively flat surface as its weight is transferred
from the wings to the tires.

As a result of the innovative patented Dynalifter®
technology Ohio Airships has incorporated into the
design, we are the first company to build and prove
a hybrid design that not only is commercially
viable, but which offers features so unique that the
Dynalifter® will trigger a new era in transport.
Currently, three variants of the Dynalifter® have
been designed, the PSC-1, PSC-3, and PSC-2.

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New Dynalifter prototype nearing completion for test flights