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M E D I A   R E P O R T S
News North America & Canada
Info from Airships Conference January 2008 - Canada
Lockheed Martin Airship development for US Military
September 2009
The new Dynalifter prototype nearing completion at the
Express Airport in Toledo, Ohio, USA. Test flights will be
taking place  in the near future after all pre-flight tests
satisfy the design engineers.
Roadless trucking is about to take another giant step
Boeings SkyHook - The first SkyHook HLV aircraft is scheduled to fly in 2014.
Other Airship & Hybrid Aircraft projects progress
Dynalifter nearly ready to fly
The engineers at NASA have combined every one of our transportation dreams
into a single little vehicle called the Puffin. It takes off like a helicopter and flies
like a plane. It can cruise at 140 mph and, with a boost mode, hit about twice
that. ........and it’s electric.
HELIUM non flammable gas is used in the Dynalifter. The above video clip
illustrates the dangers of using HYDROGEN gas in airships, which is a
flammable gas. The only reason the Hindenbrg airship was filled with
HYDROGEN gas is because Germany could not obtain HELIUM gas at the
time because of the trade embargo's imposed on Nazi Germany at that time.