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Press Release 1 - 21 September 2007
After nearly 80 years of research, design
and development plus billions of dollars
spent, one of the most memorable and
controversial forms of transportation is
about to return to commercial use.
The Airship is back!
With some quite radical technological
improvements the modern Airship is more a
hybrid HTA (heavier than air) Aeroplane
than a LTA (lighter than air) Airship. The
inventors of this breakthrough in aviation
technology Robert Rist and Brian Martin of
Ohio Airships Inc., have named their 21st
century Aircraft the Dynalifter®
The latest buzzword in green tech is
“hybrid”. Daily we now hear about all sorts
of hybrid “green” products from cars to
trains, tooth brushes to garbage
incinerators and even aeroplanes as the
world wrestles with the inconvenient truth of
climate change.  The Dynalifter® is all
about green tech and ready to lead a new
era in aviation history as the world
embraces the changes that are essential
for mankind’s survival.  Survival is all about
being creative and finding inspired
solutions to life threatening situations. The
Dynalifter® is an inspired solution that is
going to change the world for millions of
people and keep our planet greener than
other modes of transport.
The life blood of national and international
economies is under threat as CO2
emissions have to be reduced to save our
planet and the existence of mankind.
Government leaders have some difficult
choices to make in creating the legislation
that is going to achieve Sustainable
Development. The South African
Government can be applauded for its
initiative in setting up the National Strategy
for Sustainable Development which will
become effective soon to ensure
Sustainable Development for South Africa.
Current technologies with a high
environmental impact such as road and rail
are going to come under increasing
pressure to become more efficient as new
technologies offer alternatives.
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Using the analogy of how the cell phone
has impacted Africa’s ability to
communicate the  Dynalifter’s®
communication capacity is enormous with
advertising on the body of the aircraft, the
sheer size of the advert will be impressive
at about the size of three soccer fields.
Everyone on earth will see the advert!     
Airships Africa (Pty) Ltd represent Ohio
Airships Inc. and have negotiated the
necessary licenses for the development of
the Dynalifter® industry for Southern
Africa. North Africa Dynalifter® is already
well on the way with over 4 billion US
dollars in Dynalifter® Aircraft sales and
plans for a Dynalifter® Dry Port network
that will develop new Port Cities and
enable Africa to “Trade with the World”.
Airships Africa will be partnering with
governments and entrepreneurs in the
Southern Africa region to link up with the
North African Network to create new
trading opportunities for the people of

Efficiencies will be demanded not only from
the vehicles but also from the
environmental impact that their billion dollar
infrastructure requires. The Dynalifter®
requires very little infrastructure and a one
square kilometre piece of land with a dirt
runway will suffice to service the largest
Dynalifter® which is 300m long with a
wingspan of 163m.
The most “TIMELY” emergence of the
Dynalifter® is a welcome solution to the
world’s environmental predicament and
especially for Africa. The Dynalifter’s®
ability to transport heavy loads of up to 250
tons,  thousands of feet into the air and
transport their loads to any destination
within a range of 6500 km at a speed of
250 kph is the most outstanding
development in the aviation industry this
century. With virtually no need for ground
infrastructure the Dynalifter® could lead
the dream of the “African Renaissance”
into reality as world leaders make the call
to stop Aid for Africa but to rather Trade
with Africa. The Dynalifter® will enable the
world to Trade with Africa in a relatively
short space of time compared with the 20th
century thinking to build road and rail
Just as the cell phone enabled Africa to
leapfrog the 20th century thinking of cable
networks, the Dynalifter® will enable Africa
to leapfrog the enormous, multi billion,
environmentally damaging, road and rail
infrastructure that used to be necessary to
build a nations economy.
An artists impression of the Dynalifter® over the
Container Terminal, Durban
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This press release will cover vital information relating to the proposed billion Dollar  North South Corridor
Project and the
NEPAD Transport Summit - November 2009