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The African Airship
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The African Airship will provide a practical means for Africa to achieve
growth in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner by:
  • Cutting budgets for new road & rail construction.
  • Cutting budgets for road & rail maintenance.
  • Reducing environmental impact of road & rail networks.
  • Reducing road and rail accidents and related environment damage.
  • Reducing energy usage
  • Reducing security costs and shrinkage.
  • "Reducing the cost of doing business"

The Airship will provide an affordable transport system to enable economic
growth, poverty alleviation and social inclusion.

The Airship will provide an affordable and efficient transport system to
move people and goods to foster participation in economic growth, poverty
alleviation and social inclusion in socio-economic activities, while the
efficient and cost effective movement of goods by the airship will provide a
critical component for growth and development of the economy and
broadened access to markets.

The strong growth that will be experienced in the African economy will lead
to a greater need for transport capacity. Africa will need to develop
strategies to address the need for safe, reliable and affordable public
transport  that will preserve the natural environment which we see as being
Africa's greatest natural resource for generating income from Tourism.

Economic growth will place strain on the logistics systems supporting
freight transportation systems. Some of the main challenges that Africa will
face will be solved by an integrated  Airship Port System which will facilitate
the smooth flow of freight and people.

Safety and security within the African Airship Transport Network (AATN) will
provide  far greater control over movement of freight and people and in so
doing provide user-friendly and integrated rapid transit network systems
with high standards of protection for all freight and passengers. Safety
standards in all will be monitored providing quality transport solutions.  
Planned Outcomes
• Improving the quality of public transport operations and broadening
access to affordable public transport will create an environment for
Accelerated and Shared Growth for Africa (ASGA).

• Streamlining the freight logistics network along key corridors by Airship
improved operational efficiency. The implementation of a Airship freight
logistics strategy with Independent Ports Regulators will
reduce the cost of
doing business in  Africa.

•Developing the regulatory systems and capacity required to ensure that all
operators in the
Airships Africa Transport Network (AATN) meet the
required operational, safety and security standards.

• AATN will reduce road accident fatalities by taking the high pressure of
road transportation "off the roads" and assist SA's Millennium Development
Goal of
halving road accident fatalities by 2015.

• Creating the strategic framework for AATN infrastructure. In support of
ASGISA’s infrastructure investment drive in SA,  AATN's infrastructure
strategic framework will guide the planning and development of port
infrastructure in South Africa and Africa. Infrastructure investment over the
next 5 years will included the establishment of the primary AATN port
network with over 200 ports in Africa and the neighbouring islands.